Hey mindful gal!

Welcome to your new community

I am super happy to present to you my biggest baby ever, an amazing community for females where we create healthy relationships with food, our bodies and soul.

Whether you want to start a healthy lifestyle or you’re already living it, you’ve landed in the right place. I love supporting women to build their greatest relationship with food through “Mindful Eating” and I love to have you in our community!

If you’re looking for ways to love food, feel great about what you eat, to love your body and nourish it while developing a healthy mindset this is the place for you, and you need to click below to join our waiting list to be the first to get started in this amazing community.

Getting Started

When you join you will receive a warming welcome from this girl follow by a mindful eating success path. This is a great way to get you started on what mindful eating is, how can you start implementing it on you lifestyle and how to stick with it.

Think of this as your starting point on your healthier and happier lifestyle.

Not only will you have a clear path to a mindful healthier and happier lifestyle, but me and our community will help hold you along the way.

On your new site you’ll find tons of recipes, workouts, meal & workout plans, resources, checklists, videos and workbooks to help you map out and achieve your successful mindful lifestyle.

Every month you will get a meal plan with grocery shopping list and recipes to follow, you will also receive a workout plan with videos and a printable workbook. To get things better I will also give you a printable journal where you are going to be able to track your mood, habits, workouts, meals, and even schedule your meetings, that way you can have only one journal and track your process to your new mindful lifestyle.

Of course it wouldn’t be a community if we weren’t available in a private group to support you at all times, so I had created a private FB group for our gang and … surprise, surprise! I also created a private IG page where you can follow me on my cooking, mindful and last minutes inspiring chat’s moments.

We’re always just one question away! Go ahead and join our waiting list or ask me anything.

With mindful eating you will get everything you need in ONE place. Forget about 5 different membership site, five different payments, two to three different journals…. you will have it all here.

The Mindful Eating Framework

I created this community to create incredible success and abundance in life, this workshops and mindset skills learned here can be applied in all aspect of your life… personal growth, build relationships, create careers, etc. This skills WORKS!

I have combined all my knowledge learned reading books about success, from every webinar taken, every class, video, resources … I mean everything I learned to grow as a person and as a business woman and applied it on creating a healthy and happy lifestyle, because success comes from within.

Everything is guided on workshops, worksheets, e-books, videos, I mean, everything that can make it easy for you, with step by step guidance.

But Why Mindful Eating

Our optimum health begins in our gut, when we eat mindfully nutrient rich foods we fuel our bodies, our mind, our energy, our EVERYTHING. We need to work really well on what we eat, know and understand why we choose to eat those foods to feel good about them, love them and be grateful for them.

This is where we go to our second step, our mindset, our way to think and feel about food, about how we look because of our choices and to love our bodies with all our heart. Having a healthy relationship with food, and a healthy relationship with your body is necessary to live healthy and happy.


(products are not included on your membership , you will need to buy them separately)



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